Rules and How To Play – Sage Creek High School Senior Assassins
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Rules and How To Play – Sage Creek High School Senior Assassins

SCHS (Sage Creek High School) Senior Assassins – Joey’s Rules


*Reminder: I’m putting a lot of my time into maintaining this game. Before screenshotting and sending me part of this document in an attempt to futilely argue something with me, remember that

A: I wrote this document, so I do in fact know it contents, probably better than you do

B: I have better things to do (Like my schoolwork…) than to try and argue small points on this document with you guys.

Other schools looking to use these rules, please kindly leave a link back here.

  • Last update: Made parking lot kills more explanatory.


  • These rules are subject to change without notice. The best way to avoid getting a strike is to stay up to date on these rules.
  • This is the most up to date copy of the rules at all times.
    • Should a loophole be discovered or something minor need to be changed, it may be changed without notice.
    • Major changes to these rules are by process of an amendment in which all participants can vote on a google form.


  • Basically, everyone gets into teams of two, you and your partner will have a target to “assassinate” by hitting them with either water balloons, buckets, or squirt guns. There is an entry fee of 10$ per person and the winner takes all (minus ~15$ for like a trophy or something at the end). The targets will be randomly assigned and stored in an encrypted database. Unless something goes very wrong, I (Tim) will not have access to the targets.
  • Submissions for claiming a hit can be sent in the form of a video or a picture in which the attacker and victim are both showing that the hit is valid, and can be sent over Twitter, Instagram DM, or email: .


  • Both members must register on the google formby Wednesday, September 25th, 2019.
  • $20 per team must be paid to Cavaughn by the end of lunch on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019. If you do not pay by this date, the fee will increase by 5$ every two days thereafter.
  • No more than two people from the 12th grade per team.
  • While students from other schools may participate, they must first obtain explicit permission from a game coordinator.
  • If you have not turned your money in by then, the price will be 20$ a person, with a 5$ increase every two days after. There will be no exceptions to this rule unless an explicit need is demonstrated.
  • Senior assassins will officially begin on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019.
  • If you do not get your targets sent on that date, let a coordinator know.
    • If you need your targets re-sent for whatever reason, let a coordinator know, or tweet @schsassassins “Who are my targets”.


  • The only weapons allowed in the game are those that involve getting the target soaked in water, i.e. water guns, water balloons, buckets of water.
  • You may use water bottles/cups of water/buckets of water.
  • Spit doesn’t count.
    • If I find out one of you tried to use bodily fluids so help me God…
  • No fruit… Seriously.
  • Nothing that can cause injury or draw blood…
    • Seriously… I shouldn’t have to say this but…
  • While things like Gatorade would count, don’t throw like an entire smoothie on someone.
    • If you cause damage to them or their property it doesn’t count and you may be issued a strike.


  • Floaties can be worn as protection. Unless it is a purge day, if you are hit and are visibly wearing a floatie – and by visibly I mean it is clear that you are wearing the floatie – then the hit does not count.
  • The floatie cannot be hidden under clothing.
  • If a floatie is worn by the target, they are officially designated as “safe” and may not be assassinated unless on a purge day.  A person can only be “killed” if you catch them without their floatie.
  • A person may wear any type of floatie at any time when out in public or at a place of potential assassination but the item will not be provided through the game.  If you want to use one, you need to buy it yourself.
  • If in daylight the protection is clearly visible it should be legal.
  • You can’t claim that it is too dark to see it if the kill is made during the night.
  • Floaties do not have to be inflated.
  • They must be an actual flotation device, normally worn over the arm. Not a strip of plastic that you tore from the underside of the driver seat of your car.
    • It must be a floatie.
  • Occasionally to switch things up a coordinator may declare that a different item must be worn or used in place of your floaty as protection.


  • ABSOLUTELY NO ASSASSINATIONS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS (this includes the school parking lot) or during ANY school-sanctioned events.
  • The school grounds means the campus and the parking lots. Once you leave the parking lots and enter the trails or the sidewalk past the architecture sign/stop sign, you are fair game. This means the area while waiting for the crosswalk and the entrance to the trails are fair game.
  • This is referring to assassinations in which the target is not knowingly consenting to be out.
  • No assassinations during sports practices, games, and performances in which Sage Creek is participating, held at ANY LOCATION.
    • Unless the targets are attending an event at another school in which they/we are not directly participating.
      • In this case, parking lot kills are not valid during sporting events or other events where traffic is a hazard. Should the assassin wait until there is clearly no risk, the kill may be executed, but may still be rejected at the coordinators’ discretion.
  • Ex: Football games at other schools are fair because we don’t have football, and are therefore not participating.
  • Team pictures count as participation and attempts may not be made.
  • No kills may be made in the parking lot when sage is participating.
  • Assassinations, while the target is participating in a club sport, are also not allowed WHILE the target is participating(this differs from school because you can get them out in their parking lot). They are safe from the moment they turn their car on to go to the event, until the moment they step off the premises.  We don’t want other schools getting angry and complaining to admin. As soon as you leave the school’s or location’s property and enter the parking lot, they’re fair game.
    • Similar to above, parking lot kills are not valid during sporting events or other events where traffic is a hazard. Should the assassin wait until there is clearly no risk, the kill may be executed, but may still be rejected at the coordinators’ discretion.
    • Recreational sports do not count
      • ex: your not protected playing tennis with your aunt Patty at Poinsettia Park.
  • ACT/SAT test locations are protected as soon as you step on the premises from the parking lot, and no longer protected as soon as you step into the parking lot.
    • Only while there is a test, on other days normal rules apply.
  • No assassinations inside your target’s workplace. Your target becomes safe the moment he/she walks into their workplace. Walking through their parking lot before and after work is, however, fair game.
    • If your target leaves the premises to take a break from working, or is no longer actively working and is just hanging out you may assassinate them.
    • If your target volunteers in a setting where they are REQUIRED to not wear their floatie, you may not get them out.
      • Otherwise, they are fair game.
  • No assassinations in public places of worship (Churches, Temples, etc.) Parking lots are fair game. Still, be respectful. If you get yourself in trouble, it’s your fault.
  • You may NOT break into your target’s home. Even if you know how. You can shoot a target inside their homes IF and ONLY IF a PERMANENT RESIDENT of the home INVITES you inside.
    • You CAN shoot a target through a window/screen/open door/ if they are in their garage and the door is open, but you may not step foot in their property(that includes going into their garage) unless given permission.
    • Residents are people who have lived in the home for over a year. Siblings that have moved out are not residents. Only Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. residing in the home can invite people in.
  • CARS must be OFF for the kill to count.  You cannot be driving and make a “kill” or be “killed”.  
      • This includes if the shooter is in the car, the target is in the car, or both are in their cars.
      • NO SHOOTING THROUGH CAR WINDOWS WHILE THE CAR IS RUNNING. Period. Regardless of whether the shooter is inside the car, or out. This includes sunroofs!
    • Any damage caused to cars can be a reason for a strike or elimination. Don’t be dumb and cause damage trying to force yourself into someone’s car.
    • Even if the car is in park, while it’s running if they are fully in the car you cannot shoot them. Should they be half in and you shoot them in the leg or something that would be valid.
  • If you violate these rules, you may be given a strike at the coordinators’ discretion.
  • Costco Palomar and Costco Vista are also safe when inside the premises.
    • This will no longer hold true during purge days.
    • The parking lot is not safe.
  • Dances are off limits.
    • If the dance is off campus, the dance venue and parking lots are safe zones and attempts may not be made.
    • If you are going to go after someone AFTER the dance ex: if they are at a restaurant, please be courteous.
      • Don’t ruin their expensive clothes, go for an arm or a leg or something.
  • Weddings or other very formal events are mostly off limits if you are going to be at one where you CANNOT wear a floatie then let a coordinator know ahead of time and you should be covered.


    • If somebody at your target’s home/workplace/church tells you to leave, LEAVE. It’s not worth getting people upset. If you don’t leave, it could lead to you being given a strike or eliminated.
    • Let your parents know about Senior Assassins. If they get freaked out because someone shows up with a water gun and they don’t know what’s going on, things could go downhill.
  • If any adult or resident tells you to leave any time, do so IMMEDIATELY. 
    • Know what’s public land and what isn’t/where you can stay and where you can’t.
  • Trespassing is entering someone’s property (not including driveway/entryway) without being otherwise invited in.
    • By taking part in this game you give permission to your assassins to attempt kills on your driveway/entryway
      • (This is a legal gray area in that technically you can tell them to leave and they would have to).


  • Initial targets will be given on the start date at 12:00 am. Your team will be going after ONE other team. The winner is last team standing.  
  • When you legally assassinate someone, you have a few options for submitting.  You can either tweet videos or pictures to @SCHSAssassins or send them via email to, or just get them to a coordinator by some other means. Send evidence of the kill, or a picture of the killer looking happy and the killed looking sad. Regardless of how it happens, We need to know who has gotten eliminated ASAP. Witnesses of kills would be a good idea.
  • You may get other people to help with your assassination.  These other people cannot make any physical contact with the other team (taking guns/balloons, holding, tackling, etc). Also, the actual shots have to be fired by the person assigned to the target. The third party helper may not shoot any water guns or throw balloons at the target.
  • You MUST have some form of proof. Video, picture, audio or the victim or victims partner admitting defeat are the only ways that count.
  • The assassination will not be verified until it is reported to Tim/One of the accounts.
  •  It’s up to you (the assassin) to MAKE your victim admit defeat somehow.  Don’t leave them alone until they admit it.  
    • Don’t make this difficult for me.
  • If you were assassinated and try to avoid reporting it, you will be marked as killed anyway so long as there is proof.
  • If there is no proof, the kill doesn’t count. it’s plain and simple.
  • If there is proof and you continue to argue that it didn’t happen (not that a rule was broken), your partner will receive a strike and you will be out anyway.
  • You must kill BOTH of your targets to move on past the first round. Any kills you make that are not your assigned targets will not count unless they are a bounty kill.
  • Once you have killed both of your targets, you will inherit your targets’ targets. Example:  A’s target is B and B’s target is C. When A kills B, A then goes after C. If you don’t know who you’re going after, contact one of the coordinators.
    • This is only true while the round is in session.
  • Once the round is over and all noneligible players are eliminated, you will be randomly assigned targets.
    • The targets are assigned, essentially, in a big circle so you’ll never run out of people to go after.
  • See above sub-bullet point about possible changes.
  • Both members of a team must be assassinated in the first round to move on.
  • If you are getting most of the kills on your team, and you get to the point where you score more than 4x the kills of your partner, you may switch your partner one time.
    • This is only true if you have made it past one round.
    • You must prove that your partner is not making an attempt to help you and that you have done most or all of the work.
    • Your partner must STILL BE ALIVE…
    • You will not inherit your partner’s points, points stay with a group. The partner being switched leaves their points in the group they left.
  • If both members of a target team are not assassinated, you will not move on.
  • Once the round advances past the first round, it will be based on the points system (See above).
    • From then on rather than assassinating both your targets, you will need to get 2 points. This just means that if your target gets back in, you will still be moving on as long as you get at least 2 kills.
  • If after a kill is posted you double back and try and argue a kill, even if there were rules broken, it will not be repealed. Do not admit to the kill unless you are 100% sure it was legal.
  • If your target wants to be out(a “voluntary assassination”) you may get them out on campus, as long as you don’t make a scene or disrupt anything.


  • SCHSAssassins runs on a ‘point’ system.
  • After the first round, your eligibility to continue on will be determined by points.
  • Getting a kill is one point.
    • Getting a bounty is two points.
      • This means you are basically safe for the round as long as you don’t get killed should you get a bounty kill.
  • If someone that you killed gets back in, you keep the point.
    • Killing them again will reward you an additional point.
  • Points do not reset.


  • Should a kill be ruled in a way that is conflicted by the assassins or the victims as well as a few other players, the kill’s ruling may be put up to a vote.
  • The voting link to any amendment or kill will be placed on the Instagram bio or sent out over email.
    • It will be up for 24 hours or more in which at the end the result will be decided by the majority of players votes.
  • The coordinators maintain the ultimate authority on whether or not a kill is valid as long as neither is involved in the kill.
    • The coordinators do not have to put a kill up for voting.


  • Once we are done with trimester 1/round 1 end date, we will enter Crunch Time (Props to Coach Kung).
    • If you do not get 2 points by the end of 50 days, you and your partner are OUT.
    • If the game is running too slowly (no kills in like two weeks or something), we will instate a deadline sooner.
    • Every 50 days after, you will have to have assassinated your target or you will be out.
    • The targets will be randomly reassigned after every round.
      • They will be emailed to you like they were originally when the game began.
  • After those 50 days, the next round will begin, and all those without at least (2* the round number) of points will be eliminated.
  • If your target gets back in because they get both their kills, you will still have the point for it.


  • Over the course of the game, there will be Purge Days.  On this day, floaties do not count as protection, and if they are worn their protection is invalid. If you shoot them, they are eliminated.  All off-limit zones still apply (except for Costcos are no longer safe zones).
  • Purge days will be announced the day of, over all social media and email.
  • You may still only get your targets out.
  • The purge days are decided by the Purgeometer.
    • The Purgeometer adds a random amount of percentage at 12:00 am every night and will occasionally add 0.01% or 0.02% throughout the day.
      • This percentage is based on a bunch of random ass factors, from the temperature to the moon phase…(beware the waxing gibbous…).
    • Once it reaches 100% there will be a purge day the next day.
    • Tim doesn’t know when the purge days are, stop asking.
    • If you hear rumors that x day is going to be a purge day I guarantee they are false because NO ONE, not even me knows when they are going to be.


    • If a person breaks a rule, depending on the rule broken, and the current length of the game, they might receive one “strike”.
    • If that person breaks the same or another rule, they may receive a second “strike”, and a “bounty” could be set on them.  
      • This means that we will notify every active player and tell them to all go after the rule breaker until he or she is out. In short, it’s not worth it. Don’t break the rules.
      • Having a bounty means that you cannot come back in even if your partner gets your targets out.
  • The assassin of the rule breaker will also have their entry fee rewarded, as well as receiving two points (essentially you will receive 10$).
  • Whether or not a rule constitutes a strike is entirely up to the coordinators.
    • I can’t believe I actually have to tell you guys not to complain about someone’s punishment not being enough in your eyes, but people are people…
  • Players can be put on the bounty list for any number of reasons, especially harassing other players or coordinators.

Disclaimers, aka How well can Joey write legal speak:

    • By participating in this “game”, you put yourself liable for any actions you perform. You will not under any circumstances, hold The School “Sage Creek”, ASB “Sage Creek ASB”, or “The Coordinators” Tim or Donovan liable for any actions performed in the name of this game.
      • You also allow for your Assassins to attempt to find you to “assassinate” you.
      • You will not break laws by attempting to “assassinate” your targets.
      • You will not go to what can be considered stalking to find your targets.
    • By paying to be in the game and having your name officially listed as a “Player” I.E. you, you are agreeing to play by the rules listed on this site and spoken by Tim Baxter and Donovan Yates as the coordinators.
        • Going against any of the rules will lead to automatic disqualification from the game, and forfeiture of the initial fee.
      • The initial fee is not refundable and by participating and paying you agree not to pursue action against anyone for any reason related to the fee.
    • You allow for the use of your image and likeness on the website ( , the twitter account @schsassassins, or any other social media, and will not pursue any legal action against any of the aforementioned groups for such use.
    • Sage Creek High School is not in any way affiliated with Senior Assassins. Doing stupid things is the sole responsibility of the game participant, not the coordinators, school, or ASB.  
  • Simply put: Don’t do anything stupid. Play fair and be honest. Respect people’s property. No trespassing.
  • Please don’t try and argue every single kill with the coordinators, they are doing this unpaid and putting many hours of their time into this game for you guys to enjoy. I can’t bold this line enough. Stop arguing every small detail with me.


In senior assassins, Can I…?

  • Can I get the shirtless XC boys out while they are running?
    • No, that is still a school-related sport. All practices and games and whatever else constitutes that sport (not like fundraisers or team bonding events but like required stuff) is off limits for attempts.
  • Can I get someone out when they are in their garage with the door open?
    • You can shoot through into the garage to get them but unless you have their permission, you can’t go into their garage to
  • Can I knock on the door of my targets house and shoot them when they open it?
    • Yes, this is legal so long as you don’t trespass while doing it, and if they ask you to leave then you mu
  • Can I get them out in a pool/the ocean?
    • They are safe in the actual pool itself, but the moment they are FULLY out of the body of water, they are fair game.
  • What if my partner gets out?/What happens if my partner gets out but I’m still in, can they come back in?/Can I bring my partner in?
    • They will remain out unless you get your remaining targets. If you have already assassinated one then just get the other. Once you have gotten both your targets out, your partner will be back in.
    • This is not like the round where you need two points, you must get all of your targets out AFTER your partner is out, and be reassigned, then your partner will be brought back in once you let a coordinator know.
  • Can I hide my target’s floatie?
    • This one’s interesting, Yes and no.
    • Ex: Their floatie is in their car. You may move it under a seat or in a trunk or glove compartment but you may not remove it from their ownership. You can not take it. You are allowed to hide it though.
  • Can we get people out at that one game that Carlsbad high plays with the weirdly shaped ball?
    • If you mean football, then yes. Football games at Carlsbad High School are fair game.
  • Am I safe if (weirdly specific situation)…?
    • If you could have put on your floatie but didn’t, as in nothing prevented you from putting it on, you are out.
    • Don’t try and be all “I was on the curbside of the club sport I participated at tho”. Just wear your floatie…
    • This is the catch-all for “am I safe” situations.
  • What if I have a video of them saying they got out and they double back on it later because I decided to not get any evidence?
    • They are out.
    • Thanks for asking David, because you asked me about this probably 12 times, we now have it in the FAQ section.
  • Why isn’t my kill being posted?
    • Tim is also trying to do actual school while running this. Give it time.
      • That being said if like a week goes by and nothing happens, feel free to contact me.
  • Can I falsify information about this game to my targets in order to make my kill?
    • Yes. It is up to you guys to check with the official sources on whether someone is in or out and whether or not something is legal. If you are the victim and tell me a kill is legal, it is legal simple as that. No doubling back on your word.
    • Falsifying information when submitting a kill is a no-no.
  • Can I track my partner using illicit means?
    • No. If someone can prove that you were tracking them using something that would be considered illegal in the eyes of the law, that is an automatic strike.
    • This is not the case if you are tracked via things like the Snapchat SnapMap, find my friends, or any other consensual location sharing means.
  • Can I get someone out while I am the one at work?
    • Yes, you are fully allowed to get someone out while at work.
      • If you work at in-n-out this is only true in the parking lot or in the drive-thru.
    • If you get fired for spraying customers with water, you can’t hold anyone liable but yourself…
  • Am I safe while taking the ACT or the SAT?
    • See Off-limits zones, but yes, you are safe while taking the test.
  • Can I admit to getting out in a video than after it is posted double back and say that I don’t think it should be valid?
    • No. Kills posted are final unless a vote is taken or a coordinator determines a major rule to be broken.
  • After the first round, do I need to get both my targets out or just get 2 points(if for example, both targets get back in)?
    • Just get (2*round #) points.
  • If the person that I have as my target gets back in, do I still keep the point?
    • Yes.
  • Does Tim or Donovan know who my targets are?
    • No.
  • I heard a rumor that —–day is a purge day? Is that true?
    • No.
    • No one can predict the purge days, they are determined randomly, see above.
  • Am I going to move on to the next round?
    • Depends on the following two criteria:
      • Does your group have at least 2 points
      • Do you have at least one active player
    • If your group meets both these two criteria than you will move on.
  • Does my partner come in at the round end?
    • No.
    • You must get your remaining target(s) out to bring your partner in.
  • Can I get two points if one of my targets gets back in and I get them again?/Do I get multiple points for multiple hits on the same person?
    • Yes, its two points, not necessarily both different people?
  • Who created this website/How can I run it for my school?
    • You can contact @joeybab3 on Instagram or twitter for help setting this up for your own school.
  • Can I get someone out while it is raining?
    • Yes, this is legal, just logistically challenging to judge.
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